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Super tallboy chopper

I like how he is patently not using the bicycle lane. He must turn a lot of heads on this thing!

I used to have a couple of these though not quite this tall. One I made myself in Portland, Oregon that I dubbed the ‘golden bolt’. It had a kid’s bike frame and two full size frames upended and welded together in the back. The front fork was just a massively long steel pipe. It was super tipsy though so you had to lean forward while starting especially though you could jump off by just leaning back slightly to pop a wheely.

The second one I bought off a guy on the street at a bike festival in San Francisco for $120 cash. It was bright pink and he made it for burning man. Features included a separate chain leading up to a second set of pedals since they were so far up from the originals. There was a free floating crank in this chain to keep it tight so there wasn’t too much slack. It also had a handicap footrest that folded down on the back of the frame that you could use to help get up on it. I left it with a friend when I left SF for Copenhagen a couple years ago and he promptly got a fine for ‘unsafe riding’ or something a few days later. He apparently also put it up in an exhibit at the Oakland Airport I think.