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Harvesting sea buckthorn on Vestamager Fælled

Ayako and I went for a bike ride out to Vest Amagerfælled just south of Copenhagen. We had made a list of wild things we wanted to pick which included plums, hazelnuts, elderberries, sea buckthorn, mushrooms, rosehips, and blackberries. We succeeded in getting most of them during the weekend…

The first one we came across was sea buckthorn. We had tried juice made of this when we were in Amsterdam, but haven’t found it in Copenhagen. Apparently, you can also make a nice jam out of it. It is very tart and citrusy and high in Vitamin C. The berries grow in tight little clusters on the stem on a bush about 3 meters tall. There are lots of little thorns and the stalk is quite thick so it’s best to carry good clippers. The berries are hard to get off so the best way is supposedly to cut whole branches off, flash freeze them and then hit the berries off into a bucket.

sea buckthorn harvest with flowers

Near the sea buckthorn bushes, we also found some lovely fall flowers. Throughout the day, Ayako collected lots of pretty fall colors for us to put up in the house.

The elastic strap I got in Holland fits on my bike no problem but doesn’t really work with the saddlebags unless I cut a hole in the top. It  requires an attachment that I had left at home to fit onto Ayako’s bike. We got a bit creative though and wrapped the strap around itself and the package holder on the back of the bike which held up just fine.

Looking out onto the Baltic Sea.

I got a flat tire just at the end of the trip riding on a dirt road, which is what I get for offroading with my city bike! Fortunately, it was  right next to the end of the metro line that runs past our apartment. Lucky for us, there was also a bike pump put up by I Bike CPH (run by the municipality) at the metro station. The pump itself was a bit tricky to use since you had to line up the tire valve at the bottom of the tire and put it right next to the pump or it wouldn’t work, but otherwise it was a saving grace! Since it was just a slow leak, I could put in enough air to hold me to just enough to get me home.  It was nice to get a free ride home instead of having to bike all the way back and I would have really been in trouble if I couldn’t take my bike on the metro 15 km from home with a flat tire!

After we got home, we were quite tired from biking some 30 km with a load of about 6-7 kg of sea buckthorn and another 2-3 kg of elderberries plus a large load of flowers. But thanks to my lovely Dutch saddlebags, and some ingenuity, we managed to pack it all in no problem. Another lovely weekend biking outing!