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“Sweden: Illogical Rules for Bikes on Trains” (in Lapland)

This is an article about some Danes who travel up to Lapland in northern Sweden above the arctic circle and then find out that you can’t easily take your bicycle on the train. The Danes, of course, assumed they could just stick their bikes on the train when they were tired. But it turned out they were not allowed unless they gave 5 days notice. Using some clever thinking and Danish ingenuity, they decide to wrap their bikes in cardboard and call them ‘packages’. It worked and they managed to get their bikes to Stockholm.

Sverige: Ulogiske regler for cykler i tog.


Rusty old Kronan

Laura also spotted this rusty old Swedish Kronan bike from what looks like the bike parking next to Malmö central station (which is also where the photo headlining this blog is from).  Notice how it has a seat cover tucked under the seat. Clearly, they are more interested in protecting their pants from rain than their bike!

Not sure why Swedes seem more concerned about staying dry. Danes never seem to bother much with seat covers, even when they leave their bike on the street without any covered parking. Admittedly, there is more often covered parking in Copenhagen though so that could be the reason.

Bike parking with roof for your seat

My housemate Laura spotted this bike parking infrastructure in Malmö this weekend. Looks like a nice solution for keeping your seat dry!

Trust and leaving your bike unlocked

A few days ago I was in southern Sweden in a small coastal town called åhus in Skåne and I came across this unlocked bicycle. Apparently, the guy who owned it was working in the boat at the dock just beside it, but I think it is still quite cozy to be in a town where you can leave your bike unlocked.

People tend to be looser with locking when they are watching, but in cities like Amsterdam or Copenhagen people still often lock up even if they are having a coffee just next to their bike.