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Laura and I bike Roskilde Fjord

The first Sunday of each month, the regional S-Trains are free. I just picked the end station I hadn’t been to yet and went there. So last weekend my housemate Laura and I took one to Frederikssund and went for a bike ride around Roskilde Fjord. Not as dramatic as its Norwegian cousins, but still quite nice.

We just looked at google maps on satelite mode and it looked like there might be some good biking. Then I did a google search in Danish about biking in that area and sure enough there is a huge loop ride around the fjord region.

We got a bit confused on the S-train platform about where to stand and almost missed the train since it was a short one and we were standing far away. Later we realized there is a little bike logo where you are supposed to stand and a symbol on the notice board showing how long the train is.

The scenery was largely small fields and forests with water in the background. This is a rye field, the staple crop of Denmark. You can eat it right from the husk. We picked some to take home. Now it’s in a beer bottle on the windowsill in our kitchen.

Someone found a bike helmet and left it for the person who lost it. Not sure how they got it way up there. Maybe had to stand on their bike?

We stopped and had lunch by the Fjord. Lovely view. Had to bike through the grass to get there though.

We crossed a little ferry that reminded me of the one near my home in Connecticut. We were the only people on it. It was $5  (30DKK) for a passenger and another $3 (15 DKK) for the bike.

On the way, we found a woman selling Dahlias. She cut some for us and I threw it in my saddlebag. Next, we found a woman selling honey. We asked her about eggs and she ran inside and got us 10 from fridge from her neighbor’s hens.

We saw a great sunset over the fjord. The only problem was that there was construction on the S-Train we had planned to take back. So we ended up having to wait an hour and a half for the next local train from Hundested and then get off earlier in Kregme, and bike 13 km in the dark back to Frederikssund. There was a bike lane most of the way but for the 4 km or so with no lane it was quite scary.

All in all, biking in the countryside in Denmark is quite nice but not nearly as good as Holland. There are some little signs but no maps so it is easy to get lost. For the most part there are bike lanes but not always. By contrast, there are almost always good quality lanes in Holland, signage everywhere and maps every 5 km or so with numbered intersections so you barely need  a map.