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Jelly Bean Bikes

This is a super cool bike shop in Australia called Jelly Bean Bikes that I came across in the blogosphere. It has a great online tool to mass customize the colors on your bicycle that you can check out here. Start with a very simple, yet sleek, single speed/fixie design and then you can click around to view different color configurations or choose one of their pre-designs. Then choose your size and free or fixed gear, enter your credit card and address details and blam-o, within 5 minutes you have a semi-customized bike coming your way for only $500 AUD. Super cool. But only available in Australia…


Bicycle mobile homes

Who needs an RV when you could have a house attached to your bicycle? Excellent mpg/kpl and good for a low budget, nomadic housing solution but maybe tough for long distances!

bike trailer house

camper bike1

Look here for more inspiration.

bike trailer house2

Rusty old Kronan

Laura also spotted this rusty old Swedish Kronan bike from what looks like the bike parking next to Malmö central station (which is also where the photo headlining this blog is from).  Notice how it has a seat cover tucked under the seat. Clearly, they are more interested in protecting their pants from rain than their bike!

Not sure why Swedes seem more concerned about staying dry. Danes never seem to bother much with seat covers, even when they leave their bike on the street without any covered parking. Admittedly, there is more often covered parking in Copenhagen though so that could be the reason.

Fire Bike

This is great! Then you don’t have to build roads wide enough for fire trucks, which always makes them less cozy. But clearly this is before the day of all the equipment folks carry now.

Wooden Bicycle

Saw this awesome wooden bicycle on the street in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Dumpstered bike

My buddy Dean is really into finding things people throw away and turning them into something desirable. Mainly he dumpsters food but sometimes he finds other things while looking for dinner. This is a bicycle he pulled out of the trash and then scraped the paint off, chopped the handlebars and made a few changes. Now it’s actually a pretty cool ride. Looking forward to going on a dumpster trip with him soon.

Cool Danish bicycle

'Nuff said.

I just love these bicycles. Maybe I’ll get one even though they are quite expensive ($800-1000 USD). I love how you sit on a strap attached to the fork. I am not sure if it is a Danish design or German but you can buy them in Christiania, Copenhagen. This shot is from Amager beach in Copenhagen.