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please shed some light

in india we often see bikers in two broad categories.
1. the bikers who earns his living out of the bike or she/he is dependent upon the bike to go for work.
2. the guy who uses bike for his recreation. seldom does she/he go to work on a bike, for commuting in the day to day life

the issue here is that the guy from Category 1 suffers from a social stigma. he is never appreciated for being a biker. whereas the Category 2 guy is always like a hero, though he may be carrying his bike half the time in his SUV, still he is known as an eco-friendly creature. Category 1 guy never gets a pat on his back for doing some good to the world, people just look down upon him, hence he wants to move out his dependency on the bike at the earliest.

by any chance is this a common phenomenon in other parts of the globe or is it India specific? Please let me know your point of view. and any solution is also invited.