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Stereo systems for bikes

I’ve often wondered why bikes can’t have stereos. One of the great joys of driving your own car is being able to listen to your own music, even at high volume. But the only way to do that on a bike is headphones- which are dangerous due to traffic- or boomboxes attached to the bike – which may annoy passersby.

This is a neat version of the latter but obviously not especially practical. Here are some slightly better versions but they are still far from your ears so would need to be loud with low sound quality and high neighbor disturbance.

I think there’s still room for more innovation in “bike stereo systems” that allows me to listen to music without it being dangerous and without annoying everyone else around me.

Tunebug seems like it might fit the bill by putting the music near my ears but not in my ears. Probably requires wearing a helmet though and if you are wearing one you probably already feel unsafe and may not want to reduce your safety further. But this seems to be the right direction.

Anyone know of any others?


Umbrella holders in Japan

Just in from my Okinawan informant:

Another interesting random fact about bikes in japan, it’s against the law to put your umbrella up while on your bike and it was controversial whether to ban umbrella holders (さすべえ or sasubee) as well. The thing is, umbrella holders are considered to be for old ladies (obasan) in tokyo, but in Osaka it’s difficult to find a woman without one- even young girls in their 20s!!!

They’re dangerous with the wind, umbrellas first of all, people are pretty determined to ride their bikes even in typhoons so they first banned using umbrellas, then i guess someone argued that having both hands on the bike doesnt really make it completely safe, they do fly away, like mary poppins I guess. And people try to ride their bikes in such crowded places, you know how it hurts when you get poked in the eye by one!

Check out more details and close up pictures of how these things work here (in Japanese).

Leg warmers for style and comfort

I went to a party Friday night and met a Polish girl who was wearing these cool leg warmers. She said she liked wearing them for biking in the winter because she could pull them up if it was cold and keep them down if it wasn’t too cold. Also, she could pull it over pants to keep her pants from getting grease on them. Very practical and stylish at the same time. I have to admit though, the purple stockings looked pretty cold for November, even with the leggings!

Socks out- the new trend in Copenhagen

Apparently, riding one speeds, fixies or racing bikes without a chain guard while wearing socks over your pants and  is all the rage with hip youngsters in Copenhagen. Is this the end of the dominance of the upright Bedstefarscykel?