This blog is about documenting the experience of riding a bicycle in cities around the world. The focus is on day-to-day urban transportation, the use of bicycles for “mobile services” (eg, various forms of delivery), bicycle vehicle design, and the experience of using bicycle road infrastructure. There isn’t any focus on recreational cycling, transportation or planning policy, or sub-cultures like fixed gears. However, contributions in these categories are welcome if they relate to the general theme of the lived experience of riding a bicycle in the urban context.

I’m currently working on a new model for carsharing which is why I haven’t written much in awhile. I’m fighting fire with fire. Learn more by signing up at meshmotors.com.


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  1. Writing from Minneapolis MN USA. I want to make a comment about how little emphasis is placed on the all around comfort of particular handlebar set ups. I would be happy to send pictures of flop and chop handlebars that are far superior for comfort, ergonomics and body mechanics. While the popularity of older ten speed bicycles is cresting this is a great opportunity for a “street handlebar” trend to take off.

    • I think it depends a bit on the kind of bicycle you are riding as to what kind of handlebars are ergonomic. Here in Copenhagen, more people ride on upright city bikes which might have different handlebar needs than the heads-down American racing and touring bikes.

      Thanks for the comments though. If you send it, I’ll post it!

  2. You might want to check our http://www.worldstreets.org where we try to be useful concerning city biking. We have you down as a link. All the best, Eric Britton

  3. Hello Eric,

    I started a blog on wordpress and wanted you to see it. I’m rather new at this since I started late November and have kept opinion limited. Photos are pretty interesting. See what you think

  4. Hi there! I’d like to start contributing about riding around New Delhi – and travelling with my cycle or going on cycle trips. Let me know… email is in the comment. S

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