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2 months riding (instead of driving)

After exactly 2 months, my bike has become my best friend in Copenhagen, and I’ve completely forgotten my car, parked in Spain.

Despite of the cold and the wind (sometimes it’s really hard to ride), I was so happy this morning looking at the lovely autumn from the bike-level while crossing the town to get the university.

This is the beginning of the route:

my daily way to the lab, early in the morning...

This other one is taken a little bit further, crossing the only one “hill” (actually it’s a bridge) I have to climb:

The Bridge

You never reach this perspective from a car.

About the time I spend to get there, I’ve reduced it from 25 minutes to only 15 as I’m becoming an expert rider and I’ve found the fastest path (the green bike lane you can see in the pictures). My legs are getting used to the exercise, and I don’t have to think too much about “how to ride through the town” anymore.

In addition, I don’t feel lazy to go to the downtown to have a drink on weekends as I used to. There’s no need to wait for public transportation, I don’t have to spend a long time looking for a place where to leave my vehicle, and I’m not afraid about loosing my driving license for driving with 2 beers.

I’ll tell you what’s up with the snow, ice, and the freezing cold in December. Hopefully I wont change my mind.