very interesting design idea for bikers

often people are not too comfortable carrying helmet the around. here comes a solution for the same. found the design very insightful. hope someone picks it up and starts manufacturing the same for masses.


3 responses to “very interesting design idea for bikers

  1. Is this solving anything? Even if helmets are locked up just by their strap – not just with their buckle – they are generally secure as cutting a strap makes the helmet useless.

    In the past two years or so there has been a tremendous explosion of similarly confusing design ideas from South Korea, such as backpacks with turn signals

    Nearly all of these concepts – if usable (!), Sudip, tell me about the combination knob on this helmet, please – have the goal of increasing objective (real) safety, but at best they might only contribute to subjective safety — and the latter without the former is delusion.

    It is great news that there has been a big interest in cycling in South Korea as of late, but it still cannot be referred to as a “cycling culture”, which means that few people there have any idea what innovations might actually work. Certainly not industrial design students: It seems like a trendy thing – perhaps last year’s trend – to design stuff for cycling which is really headed for the trash heap.

    Personal safety of cyclists is guaranteed first and foremost by appropriate infrastructure and road design, education and training of drivers, and good laws and their enforcement… not by almost random or fantasy solutions for personal defence that are the responsibility of people who ride bikes.

  2. I’d like to see a design that integrates a lock into the bicycle itself and works in a context where people prefer to lock their bike to a fixed object with a strong locking mechanism.

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