A city with real problems worth fighting for

Now compare that last post with a city with real problems like New York City. Here’s a great video by of an intersection in the Big Apple showing very clearly that what cyclists do (or should) fear in NYC is definitely not other cyclists, but everything else on the street.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/24572222]

One response to “A city with real problems worth fighting for

  1. I read the post on the video blog and was happy to see comments about risk and behavior. While a New York intersection has erratic pedestrian, biking and auto behavior the actual risk may be very low for mishap. In the previous post Copenhagen congestion on its bicycle paths is no different than auto congestion on the street. All traffic as it slows creates behavior for paths of least resistance. Striking off onto an alternative route only begs others to follow suit. Widening highways or bicycle paths only creates more space for more traffic. An integrated system of buses, bikes, trams and higher parking cost in central cities invite pedestrians. The real question though is it too late for liveable cities if the butcher, baker and grocery no longer keep shop in these cities to which even walking becomes irrelevant?

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