ride to work on a summer day

one question which had been asked to me often on my way to work.

how do you manage to pedal to work on a hot summer day?

the question has two parts to it
firstly. it’s so hot and sunny, don’t you feel sick while pedalling?
secondly. inbetween the lines it says don’t you stink after that?

well, most of it is manageable. it’s about how you plan your daily voyage.

while riding to work i wear one of the tshirts made with dryfit fabric by nike, other sports brands have there own version for the same adidas has climacool. these are perforated fabrics, which let air pass through them eventually acting like a desert cooler, where i think our own sweat acts like a coolant. where shorts or detachable cargoes, i even wear jeans. more importantly one should make sure that she/he carries along a change for the upper part of the body.

we generally find it hot even in the morning on a summer day as our car acts like a green house and traps inside all the heat, on top of that the wind screen will be blocking the wind (that’s it’s job so let it do it well). now when we ride our bike we can feel the breeze and the sun is not so high and hot in the morning either. wind will be passing through the pores of the fabric and keep our body cool. make sure you wear your sunglasses, they look good and act really good.

carry a small towel even a 6″x6″ will do, it can be easily tucked inside the laptop bag (as in my case). now this little towel does the wonder.

once in office rush to the loo > carry you spare t-shirt or shirt > take off the sweaty one > wet the towel > dab your torso with the wet towel > leaves you fresh and odour free > spray some deo if you have or just let it be > don’t forget to wear the fresh clothes > make sure you wash the towel once again and may pack it inside a plastic bag.

try it out, it’s really easy to ride to work without feeling guilty about making life miserable for people who sit next to you.


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