who is the cyclist

if cycling was a religion. who would have been the “cyclists“.

what would have been his beliefs?

will he be black, brown or white. or will this religion be more universal like the New Religions which are beyond colour and boundaries?

what will be the diet for the cyclists? will he be a meat eater or a vegan?

will he be wearing saffron or purple or yellow (like armstrong)?

beyond all these superficial attributes it’s important for us to peep into the heart of this guy. what’s inside him. how he feels for his fellow cyclists. not just his fellow beings but how does he react towards the people of other religions like “the Driver” or “the motorbiker”. is the cyclists as aggressive as the others or he believes to be more friendlier and peace loving.

isn’t that how a New Religion should be. friendlier not only to fellow beings but to nature and the little rabbit crossing the street. being friendly is not a sign of being submissive or weak. it takes courage to follow the path of peace and be kind to the hostile world.

in the beginning all religions are opposed and the whole world conspires against it. so what is different in case of “The Cyclist“.

what’s more important is to see the change he brings to world over the longer run of time. what’s more important is to see how he touches one life. it’s important to see the joy on the face of a 2 year old kid when he does his first cycle ride sitting on his fathers bike.

that is “the cyclist“. that is thy religion.


2 responses to “who is the cyclist

  1. I like it. Thinking of cycling as a religion also opens up the possibility of there being different types of believers- from passive and moderate occasional worshipers at holiday times to die hard fundamentalist evangelists. I think we should be shooting somewhere in the middle- to get most people to integrate this spiritual practice into their daily routine. I don’t think being fundamentalist will get us there. I’d prefer to show it through our actions. What is a good “conversion” strategy that has been successful?

  2. in my mind a religion is not something you boast about or you showoff rather what your beliefs are. similarly The Cyclist is a cyclist not because of how people see them but how the cyclist sees himself and the world around. and rightly said worshipers are of all types.

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