thats a bike


2 responses to “thats a bike

  1. That is one kind of bike and I like the graphic. The USA bike boom in the 1970’s went bust after only 3 years using the “racing” design. Regardless of the style of bike from simple cruiser to high tech carbon, the message from the bike industry has been recreation or competition. Americans have yet to embrace daily use in my opinion because of the belief that “you have to work out” or “you have to dress a certain way.” The bike industry has cult written all over it. Those riders that use bikes for their needs and have done so over a lifetime are often thought of as kooks. When bicyclist treat their own with that crap it is no wonder the uninitiated don’t want anything to do with biking. Tiny voices from the blogoshere can unite and ignite only so much. The real action has and always will be in the street. Drive your car less and ride your bike more.

  2. I totally agree. That image is really great but it implies a perfect form of a bicycle that seems distinctly American. Maybe someone should do a similar image for other types of bikes like a Dutch city bike or an Indian Atlas bike.

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