joy of riding

a colleague of mine had been planning to buy a bike for a while. yesterday we all got together to do some shopping for him. we ended up picking a Firefox Cyclone. got it back to office and next couple of hours there was no work everybody took their turns to ride it in and around the office. i was a bit scared when they rode it inside the building on the 3rd floor next to the bosses big glass cabin, one slip would have made the glass shattering to bits.

over all it was a great feeling to see the joy on this guys face. the way he was planning to ride it to work everyday did remind me of the day six years back i started cycling to work.

i realised no words can explain the Joy of Riding the bike only way to know it is by riding one. best of luck to my pal for long rides ahead. surely it will bring him some happiness.


One response to “joy of riding

  1. Hey, that’s great! I think that the joy of riding is often overlooked as a key reason people cycle. It certainly is for me. Just a footnote for readers, Sudip’s office is outside of Delhi in India.

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