Why cycling sucks

My friend Max Goldstein in Stockholm sent this on to me. Some Dutch students made this film of cyclists pretending to experience all the same issues as car drivers, which of course ends up in ridiculously brilliant satire. I personally love the guy stealing the parking spot.

At the beginning, the ‘cop’ says, “Well sir, how fast have we been driving?”. The sentence at the end means something like “Cycling is annoying, isn’t it?”.

I have been traveling the past two weeks in the US for the Transport Research Board and some meetings in New York. It has been incredibly insightful and exciting to see all that has been going on back in the states. I will post more about it soon once I get back to Denmark and things settle down a bit.


2 responses to “Why cycling sucks

  1. I recognized this video from January 2oth Copenhagenize entry. To be fair I follow both blogs. The internet really makes our connections to the world easy, we must not take that for granted.

  2. Ah, didn’t see it there. Well, can’t hurt to repost. It’s a nice video and should go viral.

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