Moroccan Bike Scene 1: Carrying things

I’ve been a bit silent the past weeks due to the holidays. Last week I escaped Europe and fled to Morocco for a refreshing change of pace. Of course, I took lots of pictures of the local bike scene which seemed quite strong. One of the most fun things to shoot is always cargo, so I’ll start there.

This isn’t the first tree I’ve seen on a bike, but it is the first orange tree complete with fruits that I’ve ever seen.
These saddlebags are super cool, but seemed a bit small to be terribly practical at least for something I might use. It would be interesting to dig in a bit deeper into how they use them since I saw a lot of them like this in Marrakesh.
Another nice saddlebag. Note the locking strategy is quite similar to Copenhagen.
This was storage for a yogurt seller’s wares. He wouldn’t let me take his picture but he offered me some of his yogurt. Given that it was homemade and not kept very cool (no ice in those coolers!), I decided I’d take a pass on the risk of getting a stomach bug.
I like the back seat here for passengers.
These carriers were super cool too but wouldn’t fit if you had to cram them into excessively “efficient” and “organized” European style sardine can parking spaces.

Stay tuned for more posts on Morocco coming soon….


One response to “Moroccan Bike Scene 1: Carrying things

  1. this was an interesting post. this shows the dependence of people on their bikes. loved the carrier made of straw.

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