bike lock frozen so I had to take transit. yucko.

Yesterday my bike lock was frozen so I couldn’t unlock my bike. It was -5C. I poured boiling water over it which worked. But then when I went to leave the university, I couldn’t even get my key in because some water had gotten in and frozen solid. So I had to take the metro, which was annoying because I was going to go to two different events in two parts of town and it was freezing cold out.

The ticket machine at the metro was broken so I just got on the train. Guess what? Two seconds after I sat down, the guards checked me for my ticket! I explained to them that the machines were broken and they were fortunately nice enough to let me punch my ticket at the next stop. Spared a $100 spot fine but score major minus points for transit for the stress and crappy experience.

Then on my way to the second place, I took the metro to a bus. There was probably a better way to go but I don’t really know the bus lines that well since I never ride them (and I can’t take my bike on them) and I don’t have internet on my phone.  The bus was of course 5 minutes late and there were about 100 people getting on it because their bike locks were probably frozen too. It was freezing to wait and I had to stand in the packed bus. My girlfriend also had to wait for me at the other end for about 10 minutes, and that was including stopping back at the bar on the way because she forgot her hat. Again, twice as long, twice as cold, twice as expensive (actually infinitely more since biking is free).

On my last trip home, I decided to just ride on the package carrier of my girlfriend’s bike. Not so comfortable and probably the coldest way since I was just sitting and moving with frigid -10C (at night) air blowing on my face. But probably still better than waiting for and paying for the bus. I offered to pedal but she refused. I think because she knew it would be colder to sit!

Overall, taking transit took twice as long as biking, cost several times more and was actually colder. Walking to and from the station is colder than biking because you are less active. Maybe we need some indoor bike parking so we don’t get this problem!


One response to “bike lock frozen so I had to take transit. yucko.

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