Some bike lanes removed in New York City

After the recent influx of bike lanes in New York City in the past few years, some protesters have sadly manage to get a few kilometers of bike lanes removed. There are still, however, some still going in but they are meeting more resistance. Each km is a fight.

This is truly a sad set of circumstances for a city that was making some real progress. It is critical that not only the conditions for bicycling improve, but also that the conditions for car driving are made less convenient in order to truly have a bicycle revolution. However, this is extremely difficult to accomplish in the US where the car is practically a part of people’s individuality.

This will be a major challenge for the US- not just improving conditions for bikes, but actively making driving more difficult. In Copenhagen, this was done very slowly and patiently over 100 years. Perhaps it was too much, too fast?



2 responses to “Some bike lanes removed in New York City

  1. It’s a terrible story to read as we in Waterloo are considering our own road diets. Especially our uptown businesses are vocal in their opposition to removing parking for bike lanes. This one is a mystery to me because the number of spaces available on the road is dwarfed by the number of spots in municipal parking lots.

    Oh, and my favourite part of the NY Times is this quote:

    “Ms. Sicklick, a dog walker and substitute teacher, grew up driving with her father around the Lower East Side, where she still lives.”

    That sounds like some childhood. I wonder if she did anything else while growing up?

  2. sad stuff to read. where we keep on looking forward to the west expecting to have cycle lanes the way they do. and now it’s so painful to hear that cyclist are being cornered even there.
    but friends don’t give up lets fight it together. it’s not about being anti car but expecting to see some respect for the bikers, how can they be denied of the basic rights. how can you just kill the biking lane.

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