Biking for the minimalist lifestyle

This just in from the Waterloo Bikes Blog in Canada about why to ride bikes. For him, it’s all about stripping things down and simplifying to bare bones minimalism. Some snippets:

My main reason for going by bike most places is minimalism. Minimalism as a lifestyle is about escaping excess, getting rid of glut, cutting debt, breaking away from ennui. Biking is one of my choices that fits into that motif.

The bike is a much simpler, smaller, more  power efficient, has minimal maintenance costs and uses minimal energy.

Simplification is beautiful. Simplification is what you get when you forgo the automobile for a seemingly less convenient bike. No expensive professional maintenance, no extra tonnage, never pay for parking, and while everyone is going insane about the price of gas, I can shrug and say c’est la vie.

Very interesting. Thanks for the post!


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