Mapping distance based on time

Found this great post from over at the City Fix Blog about some new mapping software called Mapnificent that allows you to see how far you can go from a given location in the city in a certain period of time using public transit. Mapumental also lets you factor in housing prices and ‘scenicness’. Now if only they could do the same map for  bicycles!


This seems like a much more logical measurement of ‘distance’ that probably gets closer to people’s actual perception of distance than just a kilometer measurement. Typically, studies show cycling rates dropping around 5 kilometers but also that maintaining a high and consistent speed without stopping is an important motivator, especially for experienced cyclists.

I wonder what would happen if you actually measured how fast people bike and how far they could travel in a given time period. This might be a more accurate measurement of what is considered a ‘bikeable distance’.  I think people are also more willing to bike longer distances if the infrastructure lets them go faster and safer.

I’m thinking of clocking folks with a laser gun and/or GPS tracking for my research to see how fast and how far folks bike. Maybe we could finally find out if Copenhageners bike faster than Amsterdammers too…


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