Traveling with bicycle in Denmark brought positive experiences

First time traveling to East Jutland with bicycle using the regional train brought me a unique experience interacting Danes.

Unlike in Japan, trains here allow passengers bringing their own bicycle. BUT it’s very difficult and expensive to do so.

The steps made people difficult to put a stroller, wheelchair, and of course bicycle. I had two bags full of stuff attached to my bicycle and I needed a help to put the bicycle on. And once I was on, there were full of people in narrow passageway…and I had to go through it to get to where I can park my bike. People occupied seat that can be lifted to put stroller, wheelchair or bicycle so I had to ask them to move…

At Skanderborg station, an old couple we met on the train from Silkeborg helped to lift my bike to get on the train to Fredericia. Well it wasn’t pleasant experience but people were very helpful, friendly, and  they didn’t mind troubles I caused.

In Silkeborg, Ezra and I biked in beautiful autumn forests.

And we saw nice “bicycle high ways” besides car lane.

I spent a day biking alone around Fredericia through the regional cycle route 57 and 58.

Occasionally car passing by and scared me because they drove very fast! I don’t think car drivers in the area care if the route is considered as a regional cycle route…

Through the 5 days of traveling with my bicycle in East Jutland, I noticed that if I were with my bike, people are mroe friendly and helpful than I’m alone without bike. This was a very interesting Danish experience I ever had in Denmark.


5 responses to “Traveling with bicycle in Denmark brought positive experiences

  1. found it very interesting. often i travel across india in my car with my bike parked inside the car. and when people ask me “so are you traveling alone” my answer is “no, i am traveling with my bike and my car”.
    and now after reading your article i’m doubly sure that it’s better to travel with a loyal bicycle than travel alone.

  2. 😉 my loyal bicycle traveled from Amsterdam to Copenhagen with me and it’s been a great companion.
    Can we put a bike on train in India?

    • Haha! Let’s do it! I’ve scoped out the train route from here and it’s a bit tricky. I’m not sure there is a way to do it by train the whole way. You can go through Russia to China via central Asia, then down to Lhasa from Qinghai but you’ll run out of tracks there. But you could probably put your bike on a bus from there or (if you were super hardcore) bike over the Himalaya! There may be a way through Iran, but trains in Turkey are supposed to suck and I’d have a visa issue. You could also bike the whole thing but it would probably take you like a year. Could be cool though.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. I lived in Graasten DK for a year when I was younger. If memory serves, the land is quite flat. Perfect for a bike tour.

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