poor little bicycle lane

For those who have ever been to New Delhi surely know about the BRT Corridor which holds the cities one and only Bicycle Lane. Yesterday, I had an eventful day riding in the Biking Lane along with Motorbikes who shamelessly and fearlessly ride in bicycle lane. I tried talking to them and stopping them but zero results. I tried talking to the cops they threatened me in return and asked me to produce documents stating right of bicycles on the bicycle lane. How dumb is that? They were ignorant of all the road signs for the same. If cops don’t respect how do we expect the public to respect the same?


5 responses to “poor little bicycle lane

  1. Unfortunately, they also allow motorscooters in the bicycle paths in Holland and Denmark but it makes me quite uncomfortable because they usually want to go much faster. Admittedly, that image on the bicycle lane just looks like a ‘2 wheeler’ which of course could mean a lot of things in the Indian context. But what the law states, whether or not the police in Delhi have been informed of the law and if have any interest in upholding that law are all three separate issues! Hats off for trying to stand up to all of them though!

  2. ya trying to stand against it, infact will try and do a photography session over there shooting motor vehicles on the cycle lane. but the bigger issue is what’s the law no one knows not even me. though there are road signs on the lane forbidding motor vehicles. let’s see how it goes, a long way to go for sure.

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  5. I thought we had a hard time with bicycle lane enforcement in Canada. Be careful.

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