good news from india

though metro rail had been in new delhi for last 6-7 years, yet recently the connectivity with the suburbs or so called satellite townships had been made stronger. just last friday the rail started running towards Gurgaon (just to put things in place Gurgaon is on the outskirts of New Delhi, it’s one of the bigger business centre specially for the service industry).

THE GOOD NEWS: most of the metro stations have a facility for people to rent a bike and pay on an hourly basis. once the metro rail becomes common in a populated place like Gurgaon there is hope that more and more people will shift to biking and other greener mode of transport for shorter distances, like the e-ricks which had been recently launched in delhi, well these are the battery powered version of the traditional rickshaws. so on your next trip to new delhi be sure that you are coming to a greener neighbourhood.


2 responses to “good news from india

  1. Pune is thinking of doing a fancy bikeshare program (they actually wanted me to run it!). Let’s see what happens there. They wanted to use existing bike shops as rental locations. They might pull something interesting off.

  2. that’s real good news. infact pune has a great weather for biking too.

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