Using a trailer to move across town in Copenhagen

Today I moved some boxes that had been stored in the attic of my old apartment in Copenhagen while I was traveling around in Holland, Cambodia and India for the past few months. Now I’m living in a different apartment so I had to move stuff over.

Of course, I used my friend’s bike trailer, which her parents used to use on family holidays. She has golden memories of sitting in the back with her brother on long bike tours.

I had a pump because the tire has a slow leak and some bungee cords. I put a few pumps into the tire, latched it on the hitch under the seat and then hit the road. I opted for the fastest option which was a busy road (Jagtveg) but has a segregated lane the whole way.

I loaded up my boxes with some help from my old housemate. We figured it was maybe 25 kg. Managed to keep it on quite nicely with the bungees. Nothing fell out the whole way home (6 km) and I never needed to readjust. I took a slightly longer way to take the cycle highway for the last stretch. The hill over the bridge was a bit tricky but otherwise no problems.

Skilled packer and helpful mover, Lasse.


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