Chinese gear for biking in the rain…

Sometime back in China I saw a simple solution to biking in the rain without the pain of getting wet or letting your bags or any other form of luggage get wet. It was a perfect answer to commuting in the rain. It was something like a raincoat just that the front part was extended to the handle bar and it had a little clip to clamp it to the handle making a small canopy to cover the entire front part of the bike. There was enough space for a kid to sit without getting wet. This whole thing cost hardly 2 US dollars.

With this simple solution one doesn’t need to bother about umbrellas anymore. (Pictures are on their way)


5 responses to “Chinese gear for biking in the rain…

  1. I actually bought one of these when I was in Shanghai last about four years ago. I hardly used it once I got back because it just felt out of place. But this morning in Amsterdam it was raining lightly and I saw a few people using ponchos, though slightly smaller so it didn’t do as good of a job of covering your hands or bag.

  2. very true the thing looks out of place but really useful.

  3. I wonder if these are available in the states?

  4. Enlightening the world, one helpful article at a time.

  5. I was i China back in 2008 and by two for my parents. But now Im using one of the them every time when I know that will be raining day 😀 People are staring onto me like I was from the other planet but I dont care. I dont need to rush anymore. But if its a hard rain then my shoes are wet a little ;]
    So If you have oportunity to by original coat from any city in China dont think to long!

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