Cycle ride in Ljubljana, Slovenia

That two-lane bicycle track is too narrow! That's why he's biking on the main road.

I had the good fortune to be able to go for a bicycle ride with some cycling advocates and planners in Ljubljana, Slovenia last fall. There is some infrastructure developing, but they still haven’t quite figured it out as you can see from these images. Mainly, they need to make the lanes wider and create a more coherent and connected network rather than a patchwork of lanes that are disconnected and incoherent and too narrow to be terribly useful.

This is quite pleasant, though the gravel may be off-putting for some.

How the heck are two bicycles supposed to pass on this?

Incoherence defined.

This is the definition of incoherence in my mind. How are people supposed to know where the bike lane is if it keeps shifting from the sidewalk to the road? You shouldn’t need to paint a red stripe throughout the whole town just to define the lane, which is what they do in Ljubljana. It should just be continual and coherently in the same place all the time. Save your paint for particularly dangerous intersections where you need to highlight the bicyclist. The road for cars doesn’t sometimes go up on the sidewalk sometimes only to then go through a park and then spit you out on a dirt track in the woods. But that’s basically how people “plan” for bicycles all the time.


2 responses to “Cycle ride in Ljubljana, Slovenia

  1. Lol well in bigger cities they at least HAVE a sidewalk not to mention paths for cyclists XD In my village we don’t have a side walk and the road is wide enough for 2 cars but they have to slow down and put one side of the wheels on the gravel on each side of the road 🙂 Don’t ask me what happens when 2 trucks meet witch they do often LOL

  2. Hi Ezra, I realize this post is 3 years at this point…I’m curious if you would mind passing on contact info for the cycling planners/advocates in Ljubljana that you mention here. You can email us at:
    info [at] two wheel travel blog [dot] com.
    We are in process of collecting contact info for cycling folks in Slovenia in prep for writing a bike travel guide and every connection helps.

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