Funky competitions in Portland

Gearing up for the race

One thing I miss about the US is the whacky cycling culture. Copenhagen and Amsterdam can compete on having the nicest, tidiest bicycle infrastructure in true, civilized European fashion. That’s nice and all, but can’t they just get down and shake it for once? Portland, Oregon, where I lived for 6 years, is hands down the champion when it comes to funky creativeness on bicycles and otherwise. Here are some pictures from a typical bicycle competition from a few summers ago.

Piggy back racing on tiny bicycles

Demolition derby on chopped bicycles. Last one standing wins.

In this sport, you ride down a huge ramp and launch into the (somewhat polluted) Willamette River, bicycle and all. Minus points if you lose the bicycle. Must be a chopped bicycle. Nakedness strongly preferred.

I’ve been living in Copenhagen and Amsterdam the past two years but haven’t seen anything like this. Anyone know of towns doing similar things? Maybe Berlin?


One response to “Funky competitions in Portland

  1. One of my friends was in a naked bike ride in Vancouver this spring. Sounds pretty interesting and not something that would happen any time soon in Copenhagen!

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